Planet of the Humans (2020)

Forget all you have heard about how “Renewable Energy” is our salvation. It is all a myth that is very lucrative for some. Feel-good stuff like electric cars, etc. Such vehicles are actually powered by coal, natural gas… or dead salmon in the Northwest.

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Michael Moore has taken on a number of subjects over the years, and his latest project is to add his name to _Planet of the Humans_, a documentary directed by Jeff Gibbs, one of his long time collaborators.
Timed to release with Earth Day, I expected this to be a pro-green, "we are all bad", "we are the virus" type thing, but it was, in fact, not really that at all. It's a pretty comprehensive take down of the green industry and how for all their big talk about saving the planet, a lot of their practices are the same, if not worse for the earth than the methods they want to do away with.
The film also takes aim at certain environmental organisations that when examined are shown to be not so green after all, and in many cases taken over by capitalistic practices. It's a deep dive into the shortcomings of the current green energy sector, the destructive operating practices of the biofuel industry, and how billionaires and multinational corporations have hijacked the environmental movement for their own gain.
The hypocrisy of certain companies and people are laid out using archival interviews, documentation, and contemporary footage. Gibbs visits green rallies to see if protesters have an understanding of what they are shouting for, and takes some movement leaders to task over the ambiguous wording of their policies and how what they claim and what they do often do not align at all.
I found the content of this to be quite thought provoking. If what is being said here is true, then a lot of the green and environmentally friendly solutions being put forward today to hush the climate change movement are ineffective, and in some cases as harmful or more harmful than current practices. If anything this should be a trigger for people to do some actual research of their own to see if the thing they are shouting for in the street is in fact something that is a viable solution, and not just some window dressed thing from yet another corporation ready to cash in on the buzzwords people chase.
This is readily available for free on Michael Moore's YouTube channel, and will definitely get your brain cells working.

Huron Mountain Films, Rumble Media by Jeff Gibbs.
Stars: Catherine Andrews, David Blood, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson.

Genres: Documentary


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