Pretty Shadows [aka Legacy]

Pretty Shadows [aka Legacy] S20E20 - Pretty Shadows [aka Legacy] 1989


gs: Charlie Higgins (Denzil), Peter Stebbings (Lamarr Johnson), A band of teenaged outlaws ride into Bordertown intending to rob the bank. Marie reports to Clive when she sees the young outlaws go into the bank with their guns drawn. Clive is shot attempting to prevent the hold-up, and is dragged into the store by the robbers. Jack, in the marshal's office, and the outlaws in Marie's store exchange shots. Meanwhile, Clive, who knows one of the boys, tries to convince him that he is headed down the wrong path. Written by: Michael Mercer, Directed by: Rene Bonniere

  • Released: 1989-05-20
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Sophie Barjac, Richard Comar, Peter Stebbings
  • Director: