20,000 Men a Year

20,000 Men a Year 1939

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Pilot disobeys unsafe orders and loses his job. He then starts a flying school which receives a boost when the government launches a program which it hopes will produce 20,000 pilots a year.

  • Released: 1939-10-26
  • Runtime: 84 minutes
  • Genre: Action
  • Stars: Randolph Scott, Preston Foster, Mary Healy, George Ernest, Jane Darwell, Kane Richmond, Edward Gargan, Harry Tyler, Harrison Greene, Selmer Jackson, Imboden Parrish, Edwin Stanley, Carl Stockdale, Margaret Lindsay, Robert Shaw, Maxie Rosenbloom, Douglas Wood, Victor Sen Yung, Paul Stanton, Tom Seidel  Show all >
    Sidney Miller, George Chandler, Holmes Herbert, Matt McHugh, Dave Morris, Arthur Rankin, Robert E. Sherwood, Landers Stevens, Iva Stewart
  • Director: Alfred E. Green