April 1, 2000

April 1, 2000 1952

6.2 12

It is the year 2000 and the World Global Union is in charge, although other countries are allowed to elect their own government leaders, as long as they support the Union. When Austria's newly-elected president, played by Josef Meinrad, makes his inauguration speech he declares Austria independence and issues an edict ending Austria's financial support for the Global Union.

  • Released: 1952-11-19
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
  • Stars: Hilde Krahl, Hans Moser, Hugo Gottschlich, Robert Michal, Elisabeth Stemberger, Ulrich Bettac, Hans Holt, Heinz Moog, Guido Wieland, Karl Ehmann, Hans Richter, Curd Jürgens, Josef Meinrad, Fritz Imhoff, Peter Gerhard, Judith Holzmeister, Paul Hörbiger, Waltraut Haas, Pepi Glöckner-Kramer
  • Director: Wolfgang Liebeneiner