26 Men

26 Men is a syndicated American western television series about the Arizona Rangers, an elite group commissioned in 1901 by the legislature of the Arizona Territory and limited, for financial reasons, to twenty-six active members. Russell Hayden was the producer of the series and the co-composer of the theme song. The series aired between October 15, 1957 and June 30, 1959, for a total of 78 episodes.

  • Released: 1957-10-15
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre: Western
  • Stars: Kelo Henderson, William Fawcett, Fred Kohler Jr., Lane Bradford, Philip Tonge, Monte Blue, Stanley Andrews, Richard Beymer, Harry Lauter, Gene Roth, William Forrest, Mickey Simpson, Fred Graham, Joseph Crehan, Raymond Hatton, Paul Picerni, Barbara Bestar, Don C. Harvey, Kim Spalding, Don Diamond  Show all >
    Harry Strang, Johnny Carpenter, Anabel Shaw, Tommy Ivo, Roy Barcroft, Glenn Strange, Lash LaRue, Herb Vigran, Gregory Walcott, Milton Frome, Doug McClure, Hal Baylor, Denver Pyle, Ron Hayes, Edgar Buchanan, Jeanne Carmen, Dub Taylor, Forrest Lewis, Maudie Prickett, James Seay, Steve Pendleton, Myron Healey, Rebecca Welles, Eugenia Paul, Grant Withers, Arthur Space, DeForest Kelley, Jeanne Baird, Robert Shayne, Orville Sherman, Leonard Nimoy, Patsy Kelly, Robert Karnes, Jim Hayward, Addison Richards
  • Director: Franklin Adreon, Joseph Kane