South Pacific

South Pacific 1958

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Can a girl from Little Rock find happiness with a mature French planter she got to know one enchanted evening away from the military hospital where she is a nurse? Or should she just wash that man out of her hair? Bloody Mary is the philosopher of the island and it's hard to believe she could be the mother of Liat who has captured the heart of Lt. Joseph Cable USMC. While waiting for action in the war in the South Pacific, sailors and nurses put on a musical comedy show. The war gets closer and the saga of Nellie Forbush and Emile de Becque becomes serious drama.

  • Released: 1958-03-18
  • Runtime: 157 minutes
  • Genre: Music, Romance, War
  • Stars: Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor, Juanita Hall, France Nuyen, Jack Mullaney, Floyd Simmons, Warren Hsieh, Archie Savage, Francis Kahele, Ron Ely, Steve Wiland, Richard H. Cutting, Buck Class, Richard Kiser, Robert Hover, Doug McClure, Stephen Ferry, Diane Reid, Phyllis Butcher, Dian Goodman  Show all >
    Anna James, Karen Gallant, Joyce Kramer, Mary Bishop, May Fewell, Janet Hanrahan, Helene Patridge, Barbara Nesser, Marlene Lizzio, Muffett Webb, Mary Jo Flanders, Debbie Wilcox, Faye Antaky, Donna Pouget, Dorothy Abbott, Pat Volasko, Jan Haller, Beverly Aadland, Bonnie Lene, Jonnie Paris, Diane Myles, Barbara Donaldson, Ila McAvoy, Joanne Jones, Larri Thomas, Darlene Engle, Kay Tapscott, Evelyn Ford, Betty Bunch, Susan Logan, Dan Wallace, Karl Heyer, Jim DeCloss, Mike Vincent, Donald Mundell, Alvin Arnold, Mark Pinkston, Gene Bergman, Velton Parker, John Chasey, Joseph Schlichter, Jim Ganley, Murray Gaby, Robert Nielson, William Glisson, Hadley Gray, George Hooper, John Caler, Charles Joyner, Morris Harmell, Donald Lane, Donald Nobles, Mike Salamunovich, Durwood Bloomgren, Charles Lunard, Tex Brodus, Joe Paz, Bob Calder, Eddie Searles, Roy Damron, Clark Lee, Galvan DeLeon, Bob Destine, Sidney Hurston, Leroy Hamilton, James Truitt, Clyde Webb, Steve Pappich, Victor Upshaw, Nat Bush, Ralph Weaver, Richard Domasin, Maaka Nua, Johnny Morgan, Tony Nua, Selu Nua, Niki Nua, Kirk Boone, Walt Davis, Wesley Gale, Clarence M. Landry, Andrew Isaacs, Harold Walker, Charles Mohr, Santiago Mos, Gregory Christmas, Bill Ornelles, Gary Christmas, Freddy Baker, Gene Fontaine, Anita Dano, Ann Darris, Yvonne de Lavallade, Lemmana Guerin, Paulette Easley, Telu Mansfield, Claire Alcantara, Vicki Orozco, Misaye Meyer, Bobbi Coté, Mimi Dillard, Harriet Young
  • Director: Joshua Logan