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In 17th-century France, beautiful country maiden Angélique marries wealthy neighbor Jeoffray de Peyrac out of convenience, but eventually, she falls in love with him. So when Jeoffray is arrested and then vanishes, she bravely sets out to find him. This is the first of many dramas based on Anne and Serge Golon's novels about strong-willed Angélique and her adventures during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King.

  • Released: 1964-12-08
  • Runtime: 117 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Romance, History
  • Stars: Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Jean Rochefort, Claude Giraud, Giuliano Gemma, Jacques Toja, Jacques Castelot, Charles Regnier, Bernard Woringer, Robert Porte, Madeleine Lebeau, Philippe Lemaire, François Maistre, Geneviève Fontanel, Jean Topart, Etchika Choureau, Jacques Mignot, Yves Barsacq, Bernard Lajarrige, Jean Ozenne, Alexandre Rignault, Renate Ewert, Pierre Hatet, Robert Hoffmann, Roberto, Denise Provence, Jacques Hilling, André Rouyer, Black Salem, Claude Vernier, Rosalba Neri, Henri Cogan, Serge Marquand, Monique Mélinand, Pierre Bolo, Geymond Vital, Sylvie Coste, Albert Dagnant, Michaël Munzer, Paula Dehelly, Claire Athana, Dominique Diamant, Gaston Meunier, Catherine Clarence, Noëlle Noblecourt, Patrick Lemaître, Ernst Schröder, Guido Alberti, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Elizabeth Ercy, Georges Guéret, Ellen Bahl, Robert Berri, Nicole Charrier, Catherine Clarence, Michel de Ré, Britt Semand, Clo Vanesco, Sabine Sun
  • Director: Bernard Borderie