Breakheart Pass

Breakheart Pass 1975

6.6 107

At the height of the frontier era, a train races through the Rocky Mountains on a classified mission to a remote army post. But one by one the passengers are being murdered, and their only hope is the mysterious John Deakin, who's being transported to face trial for murder.

  • Released: 1975-12-25
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller, Western, Mystery
  • Stars: Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, Richard Crenna, Jill Ireland, Charles Durning, Ed Lauter, Bill McKinney, David Huddleston, Rayford Barnes, Scott Newman, Roy Jenson, Robert Tessier, Joe Kapp, Archie Moore, Sally Kirkland, Sally Kemp, Eddie Little Sky, Keith McConnell, John Mitchum, Read Morgan, Robert Rothwell, Casey Tibbs, Doug Atkins, Eldon Burke, Paul Frees
  • Director: Tom Gries