Bret Maverick

Bret Maverick 1981

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Bret Maverick is a 1981-82 American Western television series starring James Garner in the role that made him famous in the 1957 series Maverick: a professional poker player traveling alone year after year through the Old West from riverboat to saloon. In this sequel series, Maverick has settled down in Sweetwater, Arizona Territory, where he owns a ranch and is co-owner of the town's saloon. However, Maverick is still always on the lookout for his next big score, and continues to gamble and practice various con games whenever the chance arises. The series was developed by Gordon Dawson, and produced by Garner's company Cherokee Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

  • Released: 1981-12-01
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre: Western, Comedy
  • Stars: James Garner, Richard Hamilton, Darleen Carr, Ramon Bieri, Ed Bruce, Priscilla Morrill, Simone Griffeth, Bill McKinney, Kirk Cameron, Janis Paige, Stuart Margolin, John Randolph, Lawrence Dobkin, Charles Hallahan, Bert Williams, Keye Luke, Marcia Rodd, Jenny O'Hara, William Sanderson, Dixie Carter-Salinas, Geoffrey Lewis, Eldon Quick, James Whitmore Jr., Cliff Emmich, Murray Hamilton, Paul Koslo, Joseph Sirola, Shawn Stevens, Thomas Rosales Jr., Monte Markham, John Anderson, Gary Lee Davis, Cliff Potts, Sid Haig, Marj Dusay, Herb Armstrong, Jack Kelly, Hector Elizondo, Dub Taylor
  • Director: Stuart Margolin, Rod Holcomb, Ivan Dixon, William Wiard, John Patterson, Jeff Bleckner, Leo Penn, Michael O'Herlihy, Fernando Lamas, Thomas Carter