1/3 Lover
5.7 3

Everyone seems to be chasing Mona Hsia-Hwang. The opening scene has her being pursued a cornered by a cop, who molests her with his pistol. She gives into his attentions, then shoots him, establishing her credentials as a femme fatale. We then meet Mona's young cousin May, being picked up by Mona's husband's adopted son Li Wai Wai. Wai is the smouldering sullen type, whom May fancies almost immediately. Trouble is, Wai is secretly in love with Mona. Mona tends to the bodily functions of her sick and elderly husband Hwang Fei Hung. Fei Hung has a heart condition, and is under medical orders to avoid excitement. But, with a wife as luscious as Rena M, how is this possible?

  • Released: 1993-01-01
  • Runtime: 85 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Stars: Rena Murakami, Tin Ching, Wu Ma, Mark Cheng Ho-Nam, Yuk Yue Chang, Yukari Ôshima, Stuart Yung Sai-Kit
  • Director: Tony Lou Chun-Ku