Body and Passion

Body and Passion 1972

3.2 2

A happy relationship developed between Hoda [Naglaa Fathy] and Ahmed [Mahmoud Yassine]. Ahmed was planning to meet with her parents to ask for her hand, then suddenly went abroad to get his doctorate. Hoda's father [Ibrahim Saafan] got into a severe financial crisis and died, leaving Hoda in great pain. She felt better when she heard Ahmed was returning, but his plane crashed while Hoda was waiting to meet him at the airport. Her friend Dolat [Soheir El-Bably] tried to get her to accept treatment at a home for women, but she would not stay there; she went on a partying binge in Lebanon instead. Then Hoda heard Ahmed had not died, so she wrote him a letter about her situation. Ahmed came to see her, but she overdosed on sleeping pills and killed herself the following day.

  • Released: 1972-03-27
  • Runtime: 98 minutes
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Stars: Mahmoud Yassine, Nabila El Sayed, Naglaa Fathy, Ibrahim Saafan, Samir Rustom, Zizi Fared, Rushdy Abaza, Ali Ezz Eldein, ElTokhy Tawfiq, Soheir El-Bably, Sayed Zayan, Mokhtar El Sayed
  • Director: Hassan Ramzy, Rida Myassar