Number 14
3.2 6

Yaprak is just one of thousands of young women, who leave their quiet village lives behind them to seek their fortune in Istanbul. But the reality of life in a big city is harsh, and Yaprak is forced to take a job in one of the cities licensed brothels. Her beauty and youth make her popular with the patrons and she is soon the focus of the attention of two men; Necmi, a spineless but well meaning young man, and Arab, a deranged pimp who has recently lost his main source of income, his wife Zargana. Necmi wants to take Yaprak away from her nightmare existence, but soon finds himself forced to separate from her by the viscous Arab. Arab spends all of Yaprak's money, but after a savage attack on her, she comes to her senses. She and Necmi get married and as Yaprak says farewell to her friends in the brothel, Arab returns for the last time to seek his brutal revenge...

  • Released: 1985-06-01
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Stars: Hikmet Gül, Hakan Balamir, Serpil Çakmaklı, Bülent Bilgiç, Keriman Ulusoy, Nilüfer Aydan
  • Director: Sinan Çetin