00Sex: Es ist niemals zu spät!

00Sex: Es ist niemals zu spät! 1998

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Secret agent Jane Blond receives the order to finally eliminate her arch-enemy Doctor Nobody. Equipped with the latest weapons technology and a fast Ferrari, the busty blonde sets off. Nobody, marked by the grazing shot of a cruise missile with a corrosive scar on his face, lies in wait for Jane in an underground garage. With the XXL edition of a pocket knife at his throat, he persuades our heroine to perform oral sex, whereupon she overpowers him. Natasha, Doctor Nobody's accomplice, prevents the final shot at her partner at the last second. Then she makes herself with her mouth over the elephantine trunk of Roberto, fucks the man out of his mind and kills him afterwards in an ice-cold way. Vera, a divine blower and Paolo, a real anal Casanova are helping Jane in the hunt for Doctor Nobody and Natasha.

  • Released: 1998-01-01
  • Runtime: 115 minutes
  • Genre: Action
  • Stars: Kelly Trump, Zenza Raggi, Laura Angel, Reinhardt, Rene Bar, Steve Holmes, Kerstin Niemann, Olivia De Treville
  • Director: Ferdinand Hillman