Al Shaqiqan

Al Shaqiqan 1965

Abdul Sami is married to Aziza, they get to know a beautiful young woman and they agree to get married, and on the day of their marriage his wife is surprised that she is pregnant, and he accuses her of lying, and divorces her. Each of the two wives gives birth to a child and the old wife raises her son, and Abdel Sami lives with his wife. Without knowing each other's truth

  • Released: 1965-03-03
  • Runtime: 115 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Zahrat El-Ola, Emad Hamdy, Shwikar, Ahmed Ramzy, Hassan Youssef, Soheir Zaky, Samir Ghanem, George Sedhom, Ahmed El-Gezeiry
  • Director: Hasan El-Saifi, Nader Galal