The Face You Deserve

The Face You Deserve 2005

5.5 12

Francisco, behave! I Know it's your birthday, you are thirty now, it's carnival, you've dressed as a cowboy for the school party and you are surrounded by kids you hate. But that's no reason to be so annoying... Francisco, repeat after me: "Up to your 30s you have the face God has given you. After that, you get the face you deserve".

  • Released: 2005-03-23
  • Runtime: 108 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Stars: José Airosa, Gracinda Nave, Sara Graça, João Nicolau, Rui Catalão, António Pedro Figueiredo, Carloto Cotta, Pedro Caldas, Francisco Hestnes Ferreira, Miguel Barroso, Manuel Mozos, João Pedro Bénard, Jorge Cramez, Ricardo Gross
  • Director: Miguel Gomes