Spiritpact 2018

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Yang Jing Hua is a young man heir to a famous family of exorcists, but now he is poor and left to himself since the death of his parents. This young comic book owner tries to survive day by day, but bad luck is still on him. One night he meets a rich and handsome exorcist named Duanmu Xi while he was going to eliminate an existing spirit. Yang Jing Hua runs away, but the next time Duanmu Xi appeared right in front of him, Yang Jing Hua was already dead because of getting hit by a heavyweight. Yang Jing Hua makes a contract with Duanmu Xi and his new life begins.

  • Released: 2018-03-11
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Stars: Jia Zhengyu, Yu Yijie, Teng Yu, Shujun Chen, Meng Zidi, Wang Xilu, Hu Shiwen
  • Director: Xue Ling