A Genesis Found

A Genesis Found 2010

5.2 2

In 1938, John Patton Jr. found the key to our darkest secret–an anomalous skeleton neither animal nor man. Uncertain of its implications, Patton hid the discovery away from the world—though never forgetting what he found. Seventy years later, his grandson Gardner is forced to come to terms with his grandfather’s past, a man he never knew but in whose footsteps he inevitably follows. When his cousin, controversial documentarian Bart Thompson, arrives for a seemingly routine shoot, Gardner is eager to lend a hand. He soon learns, however, that Bart isn’t back just to shoot a movie–he wants to find the “discovery” their grandfather buried nearly seventy years before, and prove what he claimed was true. As his skepticism fades, and the lure of mystery grows, Gardner becomes distant from his foundations, including his live-in girlfriend Kelsey. Losing himself to the adventure, Gardner is hypnotized by a single possibility—that this “discovery” could be a direct link to God.

  • Released: 2010-08-11
  • Runtime: 119 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama
  • Stars: Luke Weaver, Elliot Moon, Julian Jay Burton, Jackson Pyle, Bennett Parker, Tyler Gibson, Elise Zieman, Jonathan Bradford, Rob Wilds, Murray Nicholson
  • Director: Lee Fanning