Zhong Kui Exorcism

Zhong Kui Exorcism 2022

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Jong-gyu, an exorcist, faces off against the nine-tailed fox monsters that seduce people in a brothel and take their lives. Some of them escape and annihilate his wife and village. Enraged, Jong-gyu engages in a decisive battle, but is pushed back by the monsters, and a white hermit helps him. The sage hands Jong-gyu the sword of demon slayer and tells him to train so that the sword can show its true value and disappears. Jong-gyu, an exorcist who lost everything, searches for the king of monsters, fights a tough battle, and finally faces the final showdown with the great demon king of the underworld.

  • Released: 2022-01-20
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Stars: An Hu, Han Fei'er, Ken Lok Tat-Wah, Qiu Yushuo, Yucheng Cao, Zhou Luoyi, Xu Zhanwei, Chen Haowen, Li Zitian
  • Director: Yang Haiting, Kai Wang