An Honest Liar

An Honest Liar 2014

7.2 156

An Honest Liar tells the incredible story of the world-famous magician, escape artist, and world-renowned enemy of deception, James 'The Amazing' Randi. The film brings to life Randi's intricate investigations that publicly exposed psychics, faith healers, and con-artists with quasi-religious fervor. A master deceiver who came out of the closet at the age of 81, Randi created fictional characters, fake psychics, and even turned his partner of 25 years, Jose Alvarez, into a sham guru names Carlos.

  • Released: 2014-04-18
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Genre: History, Comedy, Documentary
  • Stars: James Randi, Adam Savage, Bill Nye, Uri Geller, Penn Jillette, Alice Cooper
  • Director: Tyler Measom, Justin Weinstein