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On her wedding night, Jade wakes up holding the hand of her dead husband after she narrowly survived a murder attempt by the criminal family she fled from only weeks before. After pawning her wedding ring for a 357 Magnum she tries to kill a member of the family and botches the attempt. However, a Vietnam Veteran "The Hammer", comes to her aid and finishes the kill, saving her life. Over the next year, Hammer trains her to be a methodical assassin and on her wedding anniversary each member of the family will pay for their sins as she hunts them down with six bullets marked for revenge.

  • Released: 2013-04-06
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Stars: Laurie Love, Fred Williamson, Brian Ames, Michael Alvarez, William Katt, Aaron Neal Trout, Tony Mandarich, Krystle Delgado
  • Director: Brian Skiba