10 Letters to the Future

10 Letters to the Future 2023

10 Letters to the Future is a documentary film that is a mid-term review in a world of intertwined crises. It is a puzzle, a kaleidoscope that enables a multi-voiced debate in society. The collectively made film was conceived in the era of the Coronavirus, when the reality of global anomalies pierced everything we took for granted. It was a time that caused many to reassess their lives in a new light. What happened to us and what kind of future do we want to be heading towards? Virus researcher, climate activist, political scientist and anti-vaccine protesters see the future challenges facing our society in a very different light. As the virus takes over the world, schoolchildren start collecting letters to be encapsulated in a wooden coffin built by students to be opened more than 50 years from now. The main characters in the documentary write their letters, addressing their loved ones or something unknown in the future.

  • Released: 2023-02-01
  • Runtime: 66 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Stars: Christoffer Weiss, Ilari Hämäläinen, Ainu Kyrönseppä, Minna Hankaniemi, Jalvvi Niillas Holmberg
  • Director: