Ultraman Dyna: The Return of Hanejiro

Ultraman Dyna: The Return of Hanejiro 2001

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Hanejiro returned to Earth in the form of an yellow egg, which fell into the hands of the bumbling Alien Meji Trio. The three, despite being villains, were very protective of him and protected him from prying eyes until Hanejiro returned to Super GUTS. After Dyna was defeated by Wanzetto, Hanejiro helped to destroy the menace by dropping Pudgy Garaon into the monster's brain case. Hanejiro was later taken away once again by the Alien Fabiras

  • Released: 2001-02-25
  • Runtime: 47 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Science Fiction
  • Stars: Toshiaki Amada, Takeshi Tsuruno, Ryo Kinomoto, Risa Saito, Mariya Yamada, Joe Onodera, Takao Kase
  • Director: Masaki Harada