Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade

Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade 2012

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Pikachu and its Pokémon friends gather for a very special event: the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta is giving a once-a-year performance at Lunatone Rock! As the full moon rises, the Melody Tree sprouts up from the stage, growing the Melody Berries that enhance Meloetta’s song. But when a battle breaks out in the audience, the Melody Berries are scattered far and wide! Can Pikachu and the others track down these special Berries so Meloetta’s show can go on—and can they find them before Meowth does?

  • Released: 2012-06-14
  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • Genre: Animation
  • Stars: Ikue Otani, Inuko Inuyama, Minami Tsuda, Megumi Hayashibara, Wasabi Mizuta, Misato Fukuen, Akeno Watanabe, Mika Kanai, Chika Fujimura, Shin-ichiro Miki, Yuji Ueda, Megumi Nakajima
  • Director: Kunihiko Yuyama