Ononto Bhalobasa

Ononto Bhalobasa 1999

Afzal Chowdhury (Abul Hayat) has two stepbrothers: Ashraf Chowdhury (Wasimul Bari Rajib) and Akram Chowdhury (Nasir Khan). They killed Afzal for the greed of his properties and put the blame on his pregnant wife Nazma (Dolly Johur). After serving her sentence she rejoins with her son Moshal (Shakib Khan). On the other hand, Ashraf's daughter Jyoti (Irin Zaman) is also grown-up, now. One day, Moshal saves Jyoti from some goons. And they deeply fell in love. But what will happen when they learn about their family rivalry?

  • Released: 1999-05-28
  • Runtime: 154 minutes
  • Genre: Romance
  • Stars: Shakib Khan, Abul Hayat, Dolly Johur
  • Director: