A Case of Blue

A Case of Blue 2020

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Recently retired accountant Richard Flicker attends a life-drawing class and his world is turned upside down when he encounters free-spirited Amelia, the spitting image of a long lost love from decades ago. Grappling with a troubled home front, Richard flirts with the temptation of this second chance at romance.

  • Released: 2020-10-15
  • Runtime: 81 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Stephen Schnetzer, Annapurna Sriram, Ken Baltin, Ursula Abbott, Jay Devore, Jennifer Montague, Tommy Beardmore, Brad Forenza, Dominic Ciofalo, David Carranza, Grace Julianna, Vincent Veloso, Malik Reed, Emeka Guindo, Tracy Shayne, Natalie Foley, Rosie Gunther, Janica Carpenter, Bill Angresano, Adriel Borshansky  Show all >
    Maeve Rose Montague, John Backstrom, Lena Mazzo, Julia Hefferon, Seamus McCooe, Muriel Montague, James Glazer, Quinn Montague, Evan Ust, Liam Ust, Amit Shrivastav, Jason Fosi, Kathleen French, Allison Przygocki, Morgan Knight
  • Director: Dana H. Glazer